Why play Netball?


Everyone knows that playing sport is good for you physically. It gets you out of the house and away from the screen-based activities –TVs, computers and video games.


Netball teaches people so much more than the sport itself. Being a member of a netball team teaches skills that the people take with them into their wider worlds of school and work. Beyond the obvious team work, people also learn to deal with adversity through loses or injuries, how to problem-solve more effectively, as well as how to push themselves to improve their skills. These skills are eagerly sought in the workplace, with many employers keen to hire people who have participated in team sports.


At Grootvleicamp we use qualified coaching and the best prepared programs to cater to all teams needs.


Schools that book 4 or more teams qualify for special packages, please consult with our office for more information.


Age Groups:  U/9      U/10      U/11      U/13      U/14      U/15      U/16      U/19


High & Primary School Netball 8 – 10 April 2019

U/9, U/10, U/11, U/13, U/14, U/15, U/16 & U/19

(Makro, Medium and small)


R1500.00 per  Player

R1500.00 Coach – 1 Coach per team free

R1500.00 Bus Driver